At Advances in Health, we specialize in clinical research for today, tomorrow, and the future. Established in 1998, Advances in Health offers comprehensive support services to pharmaceutical companies and conducts clinical trials that focus on a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Advances in Health values its customers, sponsors and subjects. We maintain an experienced staff of CITI Certified Investigators, 5 CCRC Coordinators, Nurses, IATA Certified CPT Phlebotomist and a Regulatory Coordinator to deliver timely and quality results to maximizing a study’s value.

Our facility is located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, one of the world’s largest medical complexes.

Our site is well equipped to handle your clinical trial needs, featuring:

  • Double locked medication room with cabinets and refrigerators devoted to study products
  • Locked record room
  • Diagnostic equipment: Stadiometer, ultrasound, EKG, and colposcope
  • Annually calibrated equipment
  • 3 exam rooms equipped for pelvic exams and procedures
  • Dedicated interview room
  • CLIA laboratory equipped with microscope, refrigerated & standard centrifuges, -20° & -80° freezers
  • Emergency equipment: AED, oxygen & emergency medication
  • Private monitoring area