Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)
Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for painful menstrual cramps. Some women experience periods that are much more painful and heavier than normal. These symptoms can be severe for some women.

Dysmenorrhea can cause debilitating cramps during a woman’s cycle, and can ultimately affect her professional and social life. Many women with dysmenorrhea experience pain in the lower abdomen, pain in thigh and hip area, and vomiting in severe cases. These cramps are caused by the contraction of the uterus during a woman’s cycle, and can be extremely painful for some.

Heating pads, pain relievers, and rest can alleviate these symptoms, however some women may be prescribed a hormonal birth control, or another medication to help alleviate the pain.

You may be eligible to participate in a study, if you:

  • Experience painful menstrual cycles
  • Have heavy bleeding during your period