Choosing to volunteer for clinical trials is a big decision. If you’re currently faced with medical concerns of your own, or if you’re participating to assist others, your help is greatly appreciated and needed. We are always seeking volunteers for clinical studies and research. With your help, we hope to make great advancements in research studies and medicine
  1. Why volunteer to participate in a clinical study?
  2. What is a clinical research?
  3. How does clinical research make a difference in the future?

Why volunteer to participate?

 Volunteers participate for a variety of reasons. Some participate to help others and to contribute to the future of medicine. Participants with a disease, participate to learn more about their disease and possibly receive the newest treatments. Participants also volunteer because they are able to receive additional care and attention from the clinical study staff.
Volunteer participation in clinical trials is essential, to help scientist gain new insight and new answers to preventing and treating diseases.

 What is a clinical research? 

Clinical research is necessary for medical advancement. Scientists are interested in discovering better ways to prevent and treat disease. Treatments might be new drugs, or a new combination of existing drugs. The goal is to determine if a new treatment or drug is safe and works to treat a specific disease.

 How does clinical research make a difference in the future?

Only through clinical research and research studies, are scientist able to gain answers about the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and new treatments. 
For the advancement of medicine and for research, clinical trials are necessary. A great deal of effort, research, and precautions go into each and every clinical trial that is released into the public, with the aim of a greater good in the advancement of medicine. 
Without volunteers for clinical trials, the study would get nowhere. At Advances In Health, our goal is to advance in the area of women’s healthcare, with the help of volunteers and participants in our studies. If you are interested in being a volunteer for a clinical study, we invite you to contact us directly. From here, we can best determine if you are a good fit for the particular trial. We can also answer any questions or concerns that you may have. 
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